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Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 Rules for Renegade Entrepreneurs

You quit your 9-5 to run your own business. Congratulations and welcome into the fold of renegade entrepreneurs. Now what? How do you figure this thing out? What are some of the essential rules for a renegade like you to run a successful business? These are the questions the panelists for the session, ‘Rules for Renegades’ set out to answer on May 15th, 2009 at the TIE CON conference.

Moderated by the Edith Yeung, Executive Producer for Biz TechDay, the panel was a healthy and productive discussion among women entrepreneurs Sukhinder Singh Cassidy- CEO-in Residence, Accel Partners, Danae Ringlemann, Founder Indiegogo, Heidi Roizen, Founder and CEO, Skinny Songs and Robin Kelley Tomb, Founder & CEO, Pooch Hotels.

The panelists shared their numerous experiences in the technology, film, and service industries touching on topics such as having the right business model, hiring, firing, financing and creating revenue from day one for your business. Here are 10 key rules they shared with the renegade entrepreneurs in attendance:

  1. Have a great product/service and know your target audience. As Singh-Cassidy put it, “great press does not substitute for quality product and service.”
  2. Surround yourself with smart people. Partner with people that enhance you. Let them focus on their strengths that are your weaknesses and vice versa. Also in the same regards: a) learn to get out of your head and be open to new ideas and b) don’t go to smart people with dumb ideas or talks.
  3. Engage the media but again only if you have a great product/service. Many entrepreneurs rely on marketing/PR to solve their product/service problems. It doesn’t work. You are still required to come to the table with excellent products/services.

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