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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hair Stylist Edie Fungula + JTON Magazine Review

We have featured Congolese Edie Fungula in the past. She is just very driven and has overcome great adversity to be where she is. I spent the weekend modeling in one of her events and indeed her show was beautiful consisting of African fashions and beautiful hairstyles. This woman is determined to put the Democratic Republic of Congo on the fashion map so I say PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH Lady! Meanwhile, I must say that in a previous article, we covered the launch of Toni Payne store in Los Angeles and we informed you that, yours truly left L.A. with a custom blend Element 5 mineral makeup. Can I tell you I'm LUVIN' it! It is what I am wearing in the pictures from Edie's event below. Toni Payne, I am an official fan not just of the positees but now the makeup!

[Uduak with Edie Fungula. Edie is responsible for the hair in these pictures. The ankara dress is by Colleen Quen Couture]

[Trynidee, Uduak and Savannah-my new fans :)]

JTON Magazine Review

In another news, there is a new kid on the block when it comes to the niche market of African magazines. The name is JTON. “JTON Magazine” to be exact. I received my copy in the mail and my thoughts were, "not bad. Not bad at all!" JTON is a high-quality glossy magazine that is determined to be the "Ebony of Africa" for Africans in the West and in Africa. The publication targets both African men and women as it captures the luxury world of fashion and beauty products, travels, technology as in the latest gadgets and gizmos, interviews with Africa's celebrities and personalities, health and African cuisine, to name a few of the categories.

In its premier issue, the exclusive interview with Dr. Iroh, a former Director of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria and the feature on Africa’s take on Global warming is quite interesting. In the entertainment world and particularly music, it is cool to see all three members of the Plantashun Boiz on the cover of JTON. In case you do not know who the Plantashun Boiz are, they are a R &B/Hip-Hop group that reigned in the mid to late 90s in Nigeria. Consisting of the now incredibly popular Innocent Ujia Idibia aka Tuface, Ahmadu Augustine Obiabo aka Blackface and the equally popular Richard Chibuzor Orji aka Faze, they did some serious musical damage with their vocals and talent. As with anything, especially in the world of entertainment, good things do come to an end. The trio had a falling out, went their different ways and have frankly done really well solo. Nevertheless, they are regrouping for a comeback which is what makes their indepth interview in JTON magazine really cool.

Also, another interesting feature in JTON which had me cracking up is Gollywood! Golly who? This is the name for Ghana's Movie Industry. What’s with everyone wanting to get with the woods? Hollywood, Bollywood [India], Nollywood [Nigeria], Tollywood [Telugu film industry], Kollywood [Tamil film industry] and now Gollywood? What next?Pollywood, Lollywood, Sollywood?? Can I just say I hate the sound of “Golly”? It’s like saying, “Golly! Do you have to name your industry Gollywood?!” Beyond the "Golly!" name, they appear to have their industry together at least in the angle of production quality which is, arguably, much better than many of the Nollywood productions I have seen. JTON, for the “Gollywood” fans out there has interesting features on “Gollywood” stars such as Jackie Appiah, Van Vicker and Nadia Buari aka Beyonce.

Should you Purchase or Advertise in JTON?

In case you are wondering what criticisms, if any, and whether it is worth spending your hard end dollars/pounds to purchase a copy or advertise in one. My response, if you are American, European, Nigerian or Ghanian this is a strong publication to purchase. It is an initimate, entertaining and exciting coverage of the hip, trendy and exciting happenings in the above countries and their entertainment industries. It also has a little sprinkle of coverage about the USA celebrity-dom & politics, maybe about 10%. If you are from other African countries and you are keen on a magazine that reflects some aspect of your culture, then JTON might not be for you; as the coverage is not diverse to include other African groups beyond Nigerians and Ghanians. It is the "Ebony of Africa," after all, isn't it? Nevertheless, it is JTON's premier issue so it is worth an investment to see the direction they go and whether that diversity will be included down the line. Better yet, you can tell them how to include you!

For advertisers, especially Ladybrille established and emerging fashion business owners targeting the West & Africa, it doesn't get better than this. Nigerians remain one of the most dominant groups worldwide, especially when it comes to African immigrants. In the USA, last time I checked and according to the US Census Bureau, they accounted for 39% of the population of African immigrants with Ethiopians following closely at 26%. Beyond the fact that they are quite educated, have the disposable & discretionary incomes and are savvy shoppers, there is a big and current following of their own stars i.e. Nigerian designers, Nollywood and Nigeria's music industry, especially among the 18-28 age group which translates to lots of purchases of fashion,beauty and music products. So, this would be good place to advertise. To find out more about JTON and how you can obtain your own free copy of the premier issue, visit their website at


Sassy said...

Love your site. I think I'll get JTON. Seems cool.

Bobby said...

Jton is definitely hot!

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