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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fun, Relaxing and Shopper Friendly!

The Toni Payne Store Opening which took place on October 3rd, 2007 at 1164 Western Avenue, in Hollywood, was fun, relaxing and shopper friendly! The very ready to shop guests enjoyed hors d'oeuvre and wine as the DJ spun the latest hits. A BIG suprise! "You heard it first Ladybrille. The surprise is actually that this is a pre-launch to our grand opening of the official Toni Payne Store,"says Toni Payne when we asked her to comment on how she felt about her new location. Cool! Another opportunity to enjoy a good party and shop to our heart's content! Enjoy the pics and have a brilliant day!
Yours truly 'rawking' my Toni Payne positee. The one I am wearing is the "Akanke Faceless Beauty Brown Soft Tee, Posi-tee." It is made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex. I also indulged in makeup with my very own custom blend Element 5 makeup, a Toni Payne Liquid foundation and the lip gloss, "innocent."

Toni Payne to the left and L.A.'s fashionista Amechi

Toni Payne's guests shopping for her creative positees

Lounging with some guests. From Left to right: Cynthia, yours truly and Bunmi

DJ spinning some beats, immediately outside of the back doors of the store, including Justin Timberlake's song, "Summer Love" among other hot hits he dropped!

More guests at the Toni Payne store opening

A shopper checking out the Toni Payne "Love is Kind" White Men's T-Shirt

For more info on the store, visit If you are just reading this for the first time and want to know about the makeup and apparel brand that is Toni Payne, click here.


coolgal said...

nice one love the store layout kudos toni!!! and great job ladybrille!

Icy said...

Awww looks super fun... Love the tees DID YOU SAY "RAWKING?" Miss Brill. lol I need to go and Trademark my slang lol RAWK ON!

Bunmi said...

Yes, indeed....had a great time at the store opening. Kudos to you Toni, Ladybrille and everyone making things happen!

Olu said...

wow....LADYBRILLE...u look great and Toni Payne..Great job!!

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