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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ladybrille African Fashion News #26

There is just a whole lot of craziness going on in the world. By now you have heard of the Jena Six. Our friends at Clutch Magazine are doing a good job of keeping us updated with the story. Beyond that, there is a crazy story coming out of Los Angeles. A high school black child has her wrist broken by one of the security guards all because she did not clean cake off the floor of the cafetaria!?? She made three attempts at cleaning it but obviously it was not good enough for this security guard! Meanwhile, the mom heads on to school to challenge why her child got battered and assaulted and mom lands in jail. It was her child's birthday hence the cake. The security guard is suspended but with pay! Can you imagine? Turns out he has a pattern and practice of beating up students, particularly black students. Why was he still working there all this while??? Try raising your hand to even spank your child in the USA and you would have Child Protective Services at your door investigating. So, what gives this guard the audacity to use such excessive force on a child?? Outrageous! Read what the local and national community is doing to make sure it doesn't happen again here.

Why are all the models white? Meanwhile, on the fashion end of things, the craziness continues. We posted in previous African Fashion news the pressure by Black & African models for designers to use more black faces on the runways. In the 90s, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Iman among many were dealing with the same issue. In 2007, we are still dealing with the same issue????? Nigeria and London based Designer, Duro Olowu, in the article "Why are All the Models White?" says black models continue to be used as "tokenism - you know, just the one black girl, and she's usually wearing the crazy printed dress, [t]hen these designers claim they get their ideas from the street or from Africa! It's crazy!" says Olowu. "This is just not reflective of our time." He hits the nail on the head and it is particularly embarassing when Africa follows suit in discrmininating against its own because they follow what the three giant fashion markets do [NY, Milan & Paris]. Recall we had an issue with this same subject at the recently completed Capetown Fashion Week. Africa's fashion Industry and particularly designers need to lead the way when it comes to making sure on and off the runway, they say LOUD AND CLEAR "Black is beautiful!"

Needless to say, for us, we have the ability to make a difference with our purchases and should. We should reward those who think about us when they design and market goods to us. The other ones, we know better than to give them the time of the day with our money. According to Target Market News, the #1 authority,when it comes to Black consumer research and buying habits, Blacks/Africans remain one of the biggest purchases of consumer goods, especially fashions. It is time that is reflected on and off the runways! On to the rest of our fashion news for the week:

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thanks for the info missy

didnt know the black/white modelling thing was still this severe

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