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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hotels in Ghana

As of 2000, Ghana reported a population of only 18.4million. The current count appears to be 22 million. The country is indeed small when contrasted with its neighbor, Nigeria, which has over 120 million. However, you would never guess Ghana was that small with the amount of hotels in its capital, Accra. It seemed like there were so many hotels within 15mins of each other it was like wow! Anyway, I chose to feature the "Golden Tulip." The hotel had an unmatched excitement/ambience. It's located only 5mins from Accra's Kotoka International Airport and was a fun place to stay. A Ladybrille woman would appreciate the fact that they had a hair salon and a mini retail shop.

Plus, there were too many gorgeous African men you could "men" watch all day. . . It was hard not to say, "I like that one. Wow! and that one too. Wohoooo! What about him?" Lol! It's a great hotel for people watching, meeting business and social acquaintances and enjoying nightly jazz performances. Besides, I was also impressed that they willingly got on the band wagon as sponsors for the UN Catwalk the World Ghana event. It's nice when inter-Africa/foreign businesses in Africa give back. A bit social responsibility never hurts.
{Photos courtesy of The Golden Tulip Hotel}
The Golden Tulip's Standard-Room

Golden Tulip's Executive Room

Damba Lounge-this was the spot! Everyone just seemed to hang out here and there so many interesting personalities and some African hotties.
Fitness/Staying fit is an essential part of a Ladybrille woman. It's nice to know you can travel with your "fit" lifestyle intact.

The tropical like gardens located behind the hotels garden was a nice way to relax and take it all in.

The Chalets

Conference room so we can make some serious fashion business decisions

The Hotel view at night

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