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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Untitled by T-Church

Blank pages haunt my afternoons until I scream ink and cry lyrics to spiritual love songs that only a submissive heart can dance to . . .
I’m in love! Blissful, sweet, agape type love.
You don’t understand this type of love.

I’m in love with God type love.
Granted with grace and favor so thick the carnal eye can see through the fog.
Breath takin’
Hand shakin’
My cup runneth over. I stand here blessed subjected to the covenant.
Some real type love I’m lovin’ it.
Guided to share the word with my brethren,
So I pray that you’re listenin’ because for this night, this mic I’m christenin'
Pass this to your next of kin . . .
I got pennies for thoughts so my words grew wealthy.
I’m thinkin’ dollar bills now. . .
Sit and converse with me for a sec and I’ll show you how to breathe and think above "see" level.
How to beware of becoming your own devil, continuously feeding the mirror lies,
contemplating suicide.
Walking around one eyed blind, 3 legs no sidewalks
Outlining yourself with chalk, you are your own worst enemy.
And in waiting for hope to float, you’re sinkin'.
Poverty weighing heavy, you’re drinkin'.
Luck ran out all laced up with doubt, you’re thinkin'.
Fresh out of options, one knee after another you’re prayin'.
One blink of the eye, you’re forgiven.



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