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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Panam Percy Paul

Panam Percy Paul reigned in the '80s in Nigeria. What was so amazing was that most thought it was an American gospel group, only to find out it was actually a Nigerian group. The lead singer Dr. Panam Percy Paul was from the North, quite strange since most from the North usually tend to be Muslim. He was remarkable!

It started with my mom owning his tapes [wow back in the tape days! LOL!]. Then gradually, we the kids grew very fond of the songs. Most of our generation, generation X in Nigeria, are very familiar with Panam Percy Paul. My personal memories? Drives in mom's car headed to school and playing this over and over and over again with my siblings and I knowing and singing every word. Those were the times with no responsibility as adults just go to school!

I also recall catching public transportation too many times to count and navigating the streets of Lagos to get to school. We would pass through a market called "Oshodi market" to get to the military cantonement where I attended school. When Panam Percy Paul reigned, it was almost an everyday thing to hear his music blasting throughout Oshodi market. Hmmm . . . how time flies. I think I am getting old! LOL! Enjoy and have a great upcoming week!


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