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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Audi Joburg Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2008

Audi Joburg Fashion Week completed its showings of colorful and inspiring collections for Autumn/Winter 2008 this past weekend and we are ready to tell you what we think! Now, check this out folks. We are constantly asked about the African fashion brands we think have crossover appeal and can be successful in reaching the Western Consumers we cater to. Among the names we mention time and time again, specific from South Africa's Fashion Industry, are Gavin Rajah, Sun Goddess and Stoned Cherie. They just got it like that! But, there are some labels we have been observing and are equally impressed with, names like Machere and Ifa Lethu. Here is our review and Editor's picks, Part I. Enjoy. [All photos by Simon Deiner of SDR Photo].

Machere Pooe, the creative brain behind the label Machere was right on the money this season. Beyond the fact that she got it right with yellow color palettes for winter seen on runways across the globe, her designs offered clean lines, exciting and bold colors and sexy body hugging as well as fluid silhouttes in a '50s elegance meets today's woman.

Stoned Cherrie: We really could write volumes about the label Stoned Cherrie and not get tired! The strength of the brand continues to lie in its ability to use local South African fabrics to make clothes in a very cosmopolitan way that resonates with women globally. We predict, in five years, Stoned Cherrie will become a well known brand with Western consumers like Ladybrille's. This season, the brand showed its diversity with looks that were more lifestyle oriented taking you from street savvy to powerful yet feminine designs fit for the court/boardroom. The accesories were also very complimentary and fierce! By the way, we can't help but think Tracy Reese with the high waisted pants and Lola Faturoti for the flirty pleated dresses. Sun Goddess is simply African Royalty redefined. From the textured leather in rich chocolates and browns and creative yet functional silhouettes, every woman is indeed a goddess in one of the SG designs. We also love their full and high waisted skirts.

Okay this one was a miss. So not werking!

Ifa Lethu: We identified this label last season for its electic upscale urban feel. The brand continues to impress with funky, urban clothes that is perfect for your lifestyle.
Okay we didn't care for the rainbow colored tulle skirt matched with this jacket. A bit much. The jacket, however, could be paired with so many different bottoms including jeans to create a variety looks. Every other look we liked.


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