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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rih Rih + P. Diddy vs Banky W & Oluwadiddy

Hilarious what today's African entertainers and musicians are doing, especially on YouTube, with some of the American hip-hop songs out there. First seen on Ms. Chichi of Feels Good 2 Be Home's blog, Naija Boy is the Nigerian version of the Soulja Boy song. I hated that song until I watched the Naija Boy version. Absolutely hillarious! I still hate the American version but LUV the African version.

Following in the footsteps of Naija Boy but with a more refined edge and artistic talent are R & B singer Banky W and Hip-Hop's Oluwa [the almighty] diddy of Amplyfyd Crew, both giving Rih-Rih and Diddy a run for their money. Banky's 'Ebute Metta' is a Nigerian rendition of Rihanna's Umbrella. It sounds good and the lyrical content is strong and makes sense. Ebute Metta is a city in Lagos, Nigeria. Oluwadiddy, decked as a Nigerian Diddy does his rendition of Kanye West's Stronger. Only problem Mr. Oluwadiddy is that you look like a business mogul but you complain about having no food, water or light and your location is in Washington DC. Kilonshele? Did you forget to eat first b/4 wearing your Oluwadiddy, OluwaSean John clothes. Check the videos out folks. The internet really does create a level playing field.




**Update** 2/22/08- Thanks Bella for the recommendation. It is indeed hilarious. Below is the Chris Brown African remix version. *Sigh* LoL! Have a brilliant weekend folks! It is raining in my neck of the woods.

CHRIS BROWN "Kiss Kiss Kiss" by Naija Boys


Bella Naija said...

have you seen the nigerian version on chris brown's kiss kiss on youtube? freakin hilarous and the vids interesting too

that's my fave of all the nigerian versions

as per amplifyd crew, i lovvvvvve wetin man go do!! that is my jam
the other day, i was out and the beat of kanye's stronger came on and the first thing i thought of was 'wetin man go do' not 'stronger'
Biola is talented

ashley said...

HI-larious!! Loves it

Tola said...

I"m not even gon lie, I love the Naija renditions. I totally agree with bella about the fact of not being able to get the orignial American version back in my head.

However, I have a mixed feeling about this. Are we saying that Nigerians can't be innovative and come up with a awesome beat? Which is totally not true! Your lyrics are hot, just come up with your own beat, or tweek the beat up a lil bit or something.

These are big time copy right infringement and its only a matter of time before they catch up to all these artists.
I read somewhere when someone asked Sauce Kid about "stealing" Remy ma's beat for "Yebariba" and he said, "it's all publicity". Well I say, you'll be publicly broke when you are caught.

Doing a home video with your favorite Artist's beat is totally different from doing a professional music video, and being paid to perform the songs. When black jesus did his thing online= cool; when he started performing at (getting paid) for it= not cool.

"If I had a blog. I will blog about this because I"m seriously curious about what people think about the new wave of what I call, "I can't make a tight song until I use an american beat" thing going on.

So I say keep the renditions coming because I love them, but try not to make money of it.

Maybe I should really start a blog. Naaaaah! by the way I LOVE your blog Ladybrille.

Tola said...

Oh yea another comment. I just saw the "wetin man go do video... HOT". I still think the song will still be hot with a banging
"original" beat. Also whoever knows them should tell them to change the whole "CNN" thing. They can do ANN for like amplyfied news network. CNN does not play! It's a trademark guys.

SET said...

I can't stand the the Soulja Boy song, but the Nigerian one is funny.

Africainement said...

lol i love these 2 guys ..they are hilarious sis.i think there's nothing song 1/rendition..we do it too in sengal once i find the viviane vid i'll send it 2 u..please it's refreshing,it reminds people of home..
on another note sis keep doin the beautiful job u are doing, everytime i come by .i know i'm gonna find real and complete info...u go sis:)

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