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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where Can I Find Quality Hair Extensions?

Q. First I’d like to say that I really like your [blogazine]. It’s very informative. I know this might be an unusual question for you but I was wondering if you knew where I could purchase quality hair extensions. I live in Houston and even though there are lots of beauty supply stores, I would really like to find something with better quality. I was told New York has a great selection. I was hoping you could stir me in the right direction that way I can look up the company online and see if I could call and order directly with them. Thanks for your help."--[Nnene]

A.Nnene, thank you for being a Ladybrille reader and I am glad you find the site useful! Your question is definitely NOT unusual as hair is a BIG part of the fashion industry. Stay tuned throughout the year as we cover the beauty industry including hair and skincare. To answer your question, finding quality hair can be so tough! Plus, I feel your pain. Don't you just hate it when you spend money on so called "quality hair" and it falls apart within a month. Arrrrgh!!! Ladybrille to the rescue, or at least I hope :) For quality hair, check out the following:

New York: I contacted my friend and fashion model, Funmi Alaiyemola, whose ability to get quality hair is always on point. She recommended the following places in New York: Adorable hair [212] 989-7500, Bronx hair 718-931-6631 and G and G hair 212-569-7885. I'd also recommend you contact
Nedjetti for a consultation. Be sure to let her know Uduak of Ladybrille reffered you. Nedjetti is a respected expert in the beauty industry who regularly works on celebrity hair, the everyday woman's hair and models for fashion shoots. She can give you tips on how to determine quality hair extensions.

Outside New York: His and Her: Based in Los Angeles, they are one of the respected names in the hair extension business.

Also, consider Lace Front Wigs. This is famous, especially among Black Hollywood think Beyonce, Tyra Banks et al. It is costly a $1,000 plus but locally in Houston, you might have someone that can do it for as low as $700. It is so worth it because you can reuse the hair over and over again and the look is flawless. For more info, check out some of these other sites: Cyber Parlor --Cool site that shows you real people and you can buy directly from them, Lace Front Wigs-very professional site where you can purchase hair.


Chi-Chi said...

Great post, LB!

Hmmm, I don't know about a lace front wig. Wouldn't the wig tear away your natural hair line?

On the other hand, more power to those rocking the look.


Great post.On Bobby Taylor's blog there was a great posting about lace front wigs,Latemi couture lace front wigs.links as below:


xxhairgoddessxx said...

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