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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Destination Weddings in Africa!!!

[Photo courtesy of Models Obi, Uduak and Funmi as bridesmaids at model Ojy's wedding in Lagos, Nigeria]

Happy New Month! To say I am really excited about this month is an understatement!!! But before I spill the beans, CONGRATULATIONS to Lesha Anderson of Newburgh, Indiana who won the recent Ladybrille Contest. Also, watch out for our Ladybrille woman of the month and our Ladybrille model of the month.

Now to the cause of my excitement!!! November is about the time a lot of my friends, especially African friends, begin preparation to travel to Africa for numerous weddings, in December. Usually they attend two weddings for one couple: the "Traditional" and the "White" weddings. One of the reasons these destination weddings in Africa remain popular is that beyond involving family and friends who reside in Africa, you can have a Hollywood styled wedding at a much less expensive price than in the States or Europe.
These weddings are HUGE, FUN but they can also be quite stressful! This month, at Ladybrille,we want to demystify weddings, especially African weddings, whether in Africa, USA or Europe. We will feature lay persons and experts in and outside Africa who will tell us all we need to know about planning the perfect wedding for that special day. They'll tell us about choosing the right: event planners, florists, cakemakers, wedding gowns, bridal dresses, caterers, decor, musicians, Djs, photographers, honeymoon packages and more! We will also be having some wedding contests/giveaways throughout the month!!!!
Chatting about weddings would be no fun without you! We want to hear from you. Do you have a wedding story to tell us? Stories like the best wedding you attended? Are you the bride? How did he propose? Are you Caucasian, Asian, Indian or Black American married to an African? How was the wedding ceremony? Any traditions that you loved, found amusing or awkward? Are you African? What is it like to be married in Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe or South Africa? Did your wedding involve both African and American/European traditions? Ladybrille wants to hear your stories! Send your wedding stories to You just might be one of our lucky winners for our fun wedding prizes! Word count should be min. 500 words and max. 900 words.
Speaking of wedding prizes/giveaways, a BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors for making our wedding month just plain brilliant!

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