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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Icy Works + Brilliant Blogs + Happy New Month!

October went by very fast! It was a very busy but exciting month for Ladybrille! We've been handling the marketing and public relations part from press releases to print ads and more. To execute one part of our vision, we enlisted the help of ICY WORKS who created the print ad you see.
Thank you Yetunde Taiwo, CEO of ICY WORKS, for the efficient handling and colorful ad. created for Ladybrille!

Ladybrille is looking forward to an even more exciting month in November. By the way, we are always hiring PR interns so keep spreading the word and keep the applications coming.

Now, usually we do not do this. But, there are some brilliant and compelling blogs that we feel we need to bring your attention to as we feel strongly they will be highly beneficial to you. Drumroll please! Here they are: "How to Start A Clothing Business" from scratch. THIS SITE AND BLOG IS A MUST. The owner Frederickus Williford contacted us to say he likes our work and wanted to introduce Ladybrille to his audience. We look forward to the introduction but after we went through his site, it was indeed an honor that he would think to contact us. ROCKS! Fred does business the way we do. He is very detailed and walks you step by step with every aspect of starting a clothing line complete with resources, strong interviews of apparel company CEOs including manufacturers and more!! He tells you where to get everything even down to the buttons, zippers e.t.c. Even if you are not starting a clothing line, a lot of the principles on his site can be applied to any kind of business. Guess what? Fred is only 22! What's also super cool is that he is African-American. It is always great to see black folks, especially at such young age, making things happen. By the way, at 22, shouldn't he be out getting his party on? A fierce entrepreneur and business icon in the making indeed!

Fashion Lawyer: As far as we are concerned, law and fashion go together. It makes so much logical sense it is not even debatable. That is why we have to bring your attention to a cool site by Jincey Lumpkin Esq., an attorney based out of Florida, who is taking the bulls by the horn and informing on fashion law matters. The site is fairly new but she is showing she can hold her own with very interesting content. Be sure to check her out.

Business of Fashion: Another strong site is the Business of Fashion. If you have not been following our fashion business series, you need to get with the program ! :) However, for a little more flavor on your fashion taste buds on the business of fashion, this blog is definitely worth your time.
Trade Africa: This is just a wonderful blog that highlights interesting political, legal and business news in Africa.

Check out other wonderful links on our site and don't forget to enter the contest to win the free book, "Somethin' to Shout About" by Donna Green-Goodman.
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