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Sunday, January 21, 2007

How I am Living, Ghanian Style

Ibelieve strongly that the lack of clothing on Africans as depicted by the West has been instrumental in branding Africa's image in a negative light, for like aeons. I also believe that the same applies with how Africans live. Yes, there are huge percentage of Africa's citizens that live in very deplorable conditions. They should not be ignored and some of the wealthy amongst them need to take a chill pill with the retarded talk I sometimes hear that "they caused their own plight." Check your history and don't get it twisted. However, the beautiful lifestyles and strides by African citizens should also be emphazised. This includes how Africans are living in their own countries.

I personally love seeing beautiful interior design details of a home. Nothing beats a good home decor and when most of the textiles and materials used are from Africa's fashion/textile industry, even better. I met this supercool dude in Ghana who gave me his consent to view his home, take pictures and share them with you. This is a take on how some Ghanians are living. Enjoy.


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