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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Singer Wax Ask for Help in Finding His Sister

Singer Wax, Our Ladybrille Magazine Man of the Month for May needs your help in finding his sister who went missing May 3rd, 2010.

My younger sister is missing. Her name is Maforsceneh Ndifonka (usually called 'Sceneh'), fair in complexion, and 1.6 tall, of average build. She has a small inverted v-gap on her two front teeth.

She lives in Germiston with my uncle but came to Pretoria last Friday to visit an aunt in Sunnyside. She left my aunt that afternoon saying she was going to Sandton, and since then she has not been seen. She knows is not familiar with the area and has no friends in South Africa.

She was wearing a green polo jersey, black pants, and blue high-heeled sandals when she left. She probably has no money on her.

She has a mental condition that she controls with medication, but with no access to her medication, she will relapse. So she is very vulnerable.

Wax (Nde Ndifonka)

UPDATE as 5/4/2010
Following a news article in The Star newspaper today, Tuesday, a member of the public called me to inform me that he had seen someone fitting the description of my missing sister, Maforsceneh Ndifonka early on Saturday morning at the corner of Grayston and Katherine in Sandton.

Subsequent investigations have indicated the following:

1. The spotted lady has been postively identified by two witnesses as my missing sister.
2. She appeared to be in desperate need of help.
3. She was carried away by a woman called Nomphumelelo Kotane in a white Toyota Yaris.

I am pleading with anyone who has information, or for Nomphumelelo Kotane to please come forward and assist with us to find Maforsceneh Ndifonka (usually called Sceneh).

Please contact me on 082 667 2776 or her cousin Genesis on 082 642 2844 or Belle on 0846644115. You can also contact Inspextor Makau at tthe Sunnyside Police Station: 012 422 3600 (Case no: 01/05/2010).

From the accounts given, my sister is relapsing into her psychiatric condition, so she may sound incoherent if you met her.

Kind Regards,
Wax (Nde Ndifonka).

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