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Friday, June 12, 2009

Abigail Keats, Arise Africa Fashion Week designer 411

Abigail Keats graduated in 2007 and launched her first collection at Audi Fashion Week 2008 as part of the autumn/winter New Generation Designer show. Since then she has showed her spring/summer collection at Joburg Fashion Week in 2008 and her autumn/winter collection at Audi Fashion Week in 2009. Keats has also been invited to showcase in New York, London and Miami, and has been selected as the "designer of the month" in South African Elle magazine and the ‘designer to watch’ in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Keats’ signature style is best described as a sophisticated contemporary art form that plays with the paradox of masculine tailoring, while exaggerating a feminine figure. The focus throughout all her collections is embedded in exerting the power of a woman while magnifying the beauty and grace of her being and form.

Her love for art, self-expression and creation is the inspiration on which all her collections are fashioned.

Abigail Keats is stocked in Must Lust (Cedar Square, Johannesburg), Fizz Clothing (East London), Tzipporah (Plettenburg Bay), Blackbeard & Dare (Cape Town) and Roco Coco (Polokwane). You can also buy privately by contacting Abigail directly.

Abigail will be showing on June 13th, 2009 at Arise Africa Fashion Week.


Kay said...

Hello Ladybrille,

I like what you're about but this information should've been linked back to the website it was obtained from. It makes it seem like you've done the work when you haven't.

Just a thought. said...


This information is available to ALL media from the Africa Fashion International (AFI) Website. There is no reason to link back to AFI since Ladybrille has links all over our site of AFI and its partners producing the show. We are also very often solicited by both AFI and its partners with info. they provie directly to us about their events i.e. photos, press releases, links to AFI site to get all info. we want etc.

Should you see a replica of the the BIO profile of designers on other fashion sites, they are NOT the originators of that content; and frankly in this instance, do NOT need to specify they got it from the AFI site. All designers are required to submit BIO info which is then made available on AFI's site for the media to retrieve and same with the photos.

For our series on celebs that would rock African designers--esp. the more established ones, we do our own rendition. For other designers that frankly no one has heard of, we obtain their BIO from AFI as it makes no sense to define who they are when we have not seen their work. Their introduction of who they are stands until we see otherwise to critique.

Please be sure to review and check your facts next time before leaving a comment such as yours. 99.9% of content on Ladybrille is what we create. To the degree there is a replica anywhere, it is legally authorized republishing that includes photos which we obtain consent for and/use within the parameters of the Fair Use Doctrine under U.S. Federal Copyright Law.

Again, do your research before making insinuations/comments like yours.

Best regards,

Uduak Oduok

Kay said...

Hello Ladybrille,

I began by saying "I like what you do" which, in my mind, means that you bring something different to the table. I recognize that you generate the bulk of the content on this website yourself and that there are links to external sites here. However, I'm not asking for a bibliography or works cited pdf. It is in the best interest of forefront publications like yours to have a simple "source" link at the bottom so readers can do their own further research if need be. I was not insinuating anything offensive and I regret that that was your interpretation. If another site copied and pasted information from your site without having linked back directly to the post, whether or not they have you on their list of favorite blogs is not the issue in contention. It doesn't take much -- just a simple link at the end of each post. Copying and pasting and saying "people know where I got it from" sounds a little off to me and I imagine you wouldn't be sympathetic if someone did the same to you.

I respect your decision to run your blog as you deem fit and I hope you understand my perspective, which should by no means influence yours. said...


You responded within minutes which shows you did not take the time to read and reflect on what we just explained to you. Please read our previous statements CAREFULLY.

Note even more precisely, there is NO NEED to link to AFI as AFI, producers of Arise Africa Fashion Week have given the permission to media, Ladybrille Media included, to visit their site and use information obtained on their websites regarding their show. THEY WANT THAT as it amplifies their brand and makes them look good!

It is AFI's interest for us to put information out about their event. They understand this, they have solicited us and have told us please, please use the information!

Further, whether other leading fashion publications and newspapers carrying this news, it is rare you find any of them who are replicating designer BIOs on AFI site on theirs and linking back to AFI. Why would they? It is not industry practice, is unnecessary and makes no sense.

Again, I am unsure what your point is. If it is that Ladybrille Media needs to link to AFI, then it shows you are a newcomer to our blogazine site as AFI is linked extensively on this blogazine (something we are not obligated to do but do anyway); including a ticketing information link which WE researched where people can purchase tickets for this show.

If it is that we need to link to the designers site since maybe in an attenuated argument they are the ones providing their BIO to AFI which AFI then makes avialble to the media, we are not obligated to do so but in this case consistent with our mission we are linking to designer sites, especially the ones that are truly ready for business and have a functioning site.

Agian, I fail to understand what your point is??? Re-read information provided, spend time and understand our brand, our site and google "media practices" or some derivative of that to understand a bit more about industry pratices.

It is irresponsible, I believe, to make assertions, in this case untrue ones, without a clear grasp or understanding of what you speak of.

We are done as to this issue of what you think we ought to be linking or not linking. We will NOT entertain further discussions on this matter as it is pointless.

In future, kimdly take the time to read, think and process before you make assertions concerning information we put out there, especially untrue assertions.

Best regards,

Uduak Oduok
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief said...

Hi Kay,

In focusing on the comment "It makes it seem like you've done the work when you haven't."

I failed to even say, Thank you for visiting and even bringing that to our attention.

Thank you. If you notice in the future you feel we should correct, please send an e-mail to info(at)

Best regards,

Uduak Oduok

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