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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Laying Fears to Rest by Toya Thomas


Greased with oily conviction, I am sliding through cracks.
Thick streams of emotions, due to lack of devotion.
I drop the burden of clocks, fear of time.
Sounds of shackles fill the halls,
Spongy walls, my world is leaking.
Head throbbing from pressure within,
Pretending everyday is halloween, I put on a happy face.
In full cocoon, it's time for me to shed my skin.
Begin renewal from within towards out.

Dropping the love for my past ways, my spirit craves for deeper truth.
With my bible at hand, I stand 10feet tall with the height and strength of an angel.
I scream aloud, “Favor!!!!!!!!!” Favored by my savior.
I begin to skate through life, coasting down the road to success, and in God's word I trust.
I allow my lust for failure to fade. Instead, hope for faith I trade.
The jargon of fear I lay to rest, with an acquired taste for a new destiny.

I bask in your glory, begging the psalms to cry your story.
I lift my hands higher, uttering a sacred language spoken straight to God's heart.
Causing demons to shiver and spit ice into the pits of fire.
Forcing hell's gates to regurgitate the souls that walk dead.
They return hungry for the solution to life's sorrows,
Pleading for a way to have life and live,
Fast-forwarding through tomorrow, I get back to today
Tearing up with joy, I lean in to say,"life's answers reside in God's love."

~Toya Thomas


A.Eyes said...

I loved this! What a wonderful display of God's love working in someone's life to reach others.

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