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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holding Hands, Is it UnAfrican?


Public displays of affection [PDAs] is something we are quite used to in the West.In fact one key PDA is holding hands in public.When a couple holds hands, it is a clear statement to the world that as to each of them,they are off the market. For the man holding the woman, it symbolizes affection, protection and tenderness.Yet, when it comes to the continent of Africa, it is rare that such public display is shown.

How many times have you seen a couple while in Africa kiss, hold hands or even hug in public? As African cities across the continent become more urban and cosmpolitan, is it now okay to hold hands? For our Ladybrille readers traveling back and forth to Africa's metropolitan cities, have you noticed young couples showing any PDAs, especially holding hands in public? Is holding hands in public still an 'unAfrican' way to behave?


Anonymous said...

Holding hand might no be so tough or uncomfortable to do in Africa, but kissing in public might be a problem...

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