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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Audi Joburg Fashion Week, Winter 2009-House of Heni


And you thought the plaid days were over after Fall 2008? Not so, at least according to House of Heni. For Winter 2009, House of Heni kept it fresh and funky with a burst of tomato juicy red dresses and bottoms contrasted with plaid jackets, plaid skirts and long cute plaid bow ties. Accessories were a big part of the collection as argyle knee high socks pulled a lot of the looks together. If you are more like the Avril Lavigne kind of woman [18-25] then this collection would be adorable on you!





Photos: AFI/Simon Deiner


Anonymous said...

This collection is amazing! Clever, inventive, sexy and VERY chic. I'm thinking this is more for a forward thinking woman of substance and grace - certainly no Avril Lavigne...

Unknown said...

@Anonymous the parochial meets punk look is not exactly a new thing and the execution here [including the use of tulle, Patent red leather boots] is not per se unique as it has been done before.

What makes the collection exciting, in my view, is really the use of the red fiery colors and I think the styling which creates more of a refined look.

Nevertheless, for an outfit like the first one displayed in the article it still falls within the demographics specified in the article 18-25. In fact, I think it would look rather silly, for example, to have an average forward thinking woman of substance and grace that is 30 years and above wearing the first outfit.

As to Avril Lavigne, she is very smart and her lyrics are full of substance and depth. A lot of her work addresses real issues that resonate on a deeper level than what you see from most artists her age or older; although sometimes the video execution brings more of the gothic dark feel to her work.

Even more specifically, in many Avril Lavigne videos and when she is out and about, it is common to see her styled in similar plaid themed styles and argyle/knee high socks. Example videos include: 'Complicated,'she has a plaid red tie, 'Happy ending' she has that full red tulle skirt.


Divalocity said...

My eighteen year old daughter would love these designs because this is how they exhibit their own individuality with their peers. They like to dress different and make heads turn.

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