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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Islamic Fashion Festival 2008

For a long time, our Ladybrille muslim fashion-forward have just been plain left out in fashion icy cold land when it comes to satisfying their needs. These women want to hold on to their beliefs yet satisfy their strong appetite for sexy, tasteful, elegant and conservative fashions. Today, they can. The producers of Islamic Fashion Festival [IFF] which is in its second year, and just recently completed another spectacular week of Islamic fashion in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, are determined to put Islamic Fashion on the global fashion map!

"The need and presence for Islamic fashion has never been more pressing than now, as Islamic capitals of the world continue to expand and welcome foreign investors an undeniable setting as human societies establish closer ties across the globe. Leave aside religious needs, Islamic fashion plays a much greater role than just to drape and to cover. ‘’While there are the obvious reasons needs to don Muslim attire – in a mosque, for weddings, for prayer etc., women and men of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds will see the need for Islamic fashion as world trade activities take place. . . "--says the Producers of IFF.
Brilliant! Check out photos from the recent Islamic Fashion Festival 2008.
Photocredits: Kien Huo, AFP, Getty Images


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