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Saturday, November 15, 2008

When Michelle Obama Wears African Fashion Designers

Michelle Obama is an unconventional woman when it comes to style. Beyond her obvious elegance, her choice of designers shows she is committed to wearing emerging designers as she is the big names. It has now been confirmed the soon to be First Lady will wear the designs of Atlanta based bridal designer Cassandra Broomfield on inaugural day. Needless to say, the fashion world is like, "Cassandra who???" We love it!

For us, it is an indication that [Mrs. Obama] is open minded. Below is our list of designers we feel Mrs. Obama should seriously consider as she prepares for her reign in the White House, and the inevitable global travels. Our selections really focused on Michelle Obama's personal style, her sexy strong broad shoulders and overall body shape. This is obviously an illustration of the many talented African designers waiting and dying to dress her!

***UPDATE: We fact checked many a seemingly credible media sources online and they reported Cassandra Bloomfield had been tapped to design Michelle Obama's dress. Thanks to our Ladybrille reader, Mystique, we now know Cassandra has put out a word denying that she has been tapped to make Michelle Obama's inauguration gown. We hope it means at the very least one African USA based designer is still in the running to create a gorgeous gown for Michelle O.

Photo credits: Eric Don-Arthur , Gavin Rajah, Lola Faturoti, Marcio Madiera, IMAX Tree, Aschobi Designs, Thula Sindi & Simon Deiner.

Ghana's Kofi Ansah


South Africa's Gavin Rajah


South Africa's Stoned Cherrie


South Africa's Stoned Cherrie


South Africa's Thula Sindi
Sierra Leone's Aschobi Designs


Nigeria's Duro Olowu

Liberia's Korto Momolu

Uganda's Sylvia Owori


Ghana's Sika Designs


Nigeria's Lola Faturoti



Anonymous said...

Hi Ladybrille,
I totally love the African designers you suggested.

As for Cassandra B. I was curious about her when I heard it too and searched for her... I was on her blog the other day and this is what she had to say about it..

"On Wednesday, I got a call "Congratulations, are in order, I understand you will be making Michelle Obama's Inaugural gown." What in the world is she talking about. I just shrugged it off as a wishful thinking. Then I check my emails and there are a few more congrats, what in the world is going on. So I did a bit of research and found that it is listed on a few blogs (as of Wednesday). "Cassandra Bromfield is tapped to create Michelle Obama's Inaugural Gown." As the week goes on there are a few more phone calls and emails. Now, some media is calling and I feel I must separate fact from fiction.

Fiction: Mrs.O has contacted Cassandra Bromfield
Fact: I would love to hear from Mrs. Obama, but I have not spoken to her directly
Fiction: Atlanta based designer Cassandra Bromfield

Fact: I'm a Brooklyn Girl
Fiction: I am sworn to any secrecy
Fact: There is no secret" said...

Thanks Mystique! You rock!!! There were so many stories out there and our extensive research appeared to confirm from credible online sources. Thank you for clarification. It also means who knows that one/two African designers are still in the running to dress Mrs. Obama for the inauguration. YAY!

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