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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chiedu Ifeozo's "Poetry for Charity" Project!

Our Ladybrille Columnist, Chiedu Ifeozo, in on a mission to make the world a better place using poetry as a medium. His latest project "Poetry for Charity" is a colletion of some interesting poetry from diverse poets. The book "Poetry for Charity" is now available for purchase in both hardcopy and PDF. All proceeds will be used for charity. Ifeozo has been circulating the following on the social network, Facebook.

" . . .We need you to pick up a copy of the "Poetry for Charity" collection. We need you, but they need you even more the students in Makoko need you. The funds raised from this project will help to improve their school and provide much needed reading materials." The sickle cell sufferers need you. The funds raised from this project will be used to provide medicines and financial support to them."The poor need you. The funds raised would assist organizations in the fight against poverty." "They need you to get involved. They need you to remember them in your hearts." "All they need you to do right now, is to be aware and show that you care, and be the driving force of change." "All they need is your support. All they need is your voice." --Chiedu Ifeozo

You heard the man. Click here and purchase your copy today!


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