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Friday, September 26, 2008

Korto Momolu a Step Closer to Winning Project Runway Season 5!

The challenge was to have the designers design for each other while tuning into their musical abilities to create an outfit that was designed by a specific musical genre [pop, punk, hip-hop, rock n roll and country]. Korto had never designed a punk outfit, much less done so in menswear. Yet, she showed her creativity and skills with an outfit that nailed it! Michael Kors liked that she made "jeans that fit him [Suede] very well, and bleached it to give it texture and [he] also liked the idea that she made [a] chain that she built into the outfit." LL Cool J, the guest judge, thought her design was "energetic," "right on the money" and "felt authentic." Congrats Korto Momolu!

In case you are new to this site and have missed all the Korto Momolu action, check out our Ladybrille Exclusive interview where we first introduced Korto Momolu to the world wide web here. Check out our recap of Korto Momolu's work here. Finally, check out our coverage of Korto Momolu's collection at the recently completed New York Fashion Week here. Four left to go. We can most likely predict she will be top three since she won this challenge which gives her immunity. The ultimate question is will Korto Momolu be Project Runway's winner, proudly flying the flag for herself, her country Liberia, Africa, Canada [were she was raised] and all plus size women out there? We are ALL dying to know!

Project Runway Season 5 Episode 11 Part 4

Project Runway Sean 5 Episode 11 Part 5


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Project Runway fan and totally love Korto - she's my fave to win (with Jerrell a close second). I'm really glad she got some more screen time this episode - the western singing cracked me up!

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