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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Relax and Don't Forget to Count your Many Blessings!

Today has been so wonderful. I enjoyed a wonderful, interesting and inspiring interview with a powerful personality that you will get to meet next month, and later had a great lunch with a girlfriend I had not seen for a while. Through it all, the resounding theme was to relax, God is in control and to remember to count my many blessings. In a time where the country [USA] seems to be going through one financial woe after another and life seems so uncertain, there is a tendency to want to panic, stress, worry so much. Well I've got a message fo you!

Relax, don't worry, count your many blessings and know God is in control. I have found that it can be easier said than done but these days, for me, I don't have much of an option. Stressing/worrying simply gets me nowhere and I put my money on it that it will not get you far, either.

Have a brilliant and blessed week ahead!



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