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Monday, August 18, 2008

Nyakio Kamoche Launches Safi Fragrance

By now, you are probably familiar with Nyakio Kamoche. The first generation American with Kenyan heritage who launched Nyakio, a sucessful skin care line based on family recipes and ingredients from Kenya. Nyakio's skin care line is sold online and in over a hundred and eighty nine boutiques around the country. Just recently, the fierce entrepreneur diversified her portfolio to launch a fragrance line, Safi Fragrance. Of course Ladybrille had to catch up with the very Ladybrille woman to see how she does it. Nyakio, you've done it again. It's official. You are a serial entrepreneur. [laughs] For those who do not know you, tell us briefly who you are?
I am first generation American of Kenyan descent that first created a Bath and Body line [Nyakio Skincare] based on family beauty secrets and recipes, and now have launched a fine fragrance paying tribute to my African heritage.
Tell us a bit about the current state of Nyakio Skincare.
Nyakio Bath and Body is currently reformulating, repackaging, and will re-launch in 2009. Why did you decide to diversify into a fragrance line?
Much for the same reason that I created Nyakio, I felt that Africa had so much to offer in the fine fragrance world in regards to story and resources, and felt that there was a place for a niche fragrance by an African designer in the marketplace. Your fragrance line is called Safi. What does Safi mean?
Safi means fresh, clean, and pure in Swahili. How did you choose the name?

I felt it was a great representation of the fragrance, and Swahili is a BEAUTIFUL language. When I got my sample, I did not know what to expect. But, I honestly love both the Safi Parfum and Safi Parfum oil. My favorite is by far the Parfum oil. The fruity-floral smell has a relaxing yet sexy edge to it and the packaging is on point. It shows you thought about how women apply oils with the roll on feature.

I love them both! The pure parfum oil is 100% Pure Oil, so its application is representative of they way fragrance has been applied for hundreds of years. The Eau de Parfum offers the customer the more traditional application process with a little less intensity than the pure oil. I know you really reach into your Kenyan heritage in making your beauty products and fragrances. Tell our readers what are the ingredients in the Safi Parfum oil, for example?

Nyakio: Safi carries base notes that represent Africa including bamboo, papyrus, and muhuhu wood. At the heart you find fresh cut freesia, stargazer lily, and neroli (orange blossom), and at the top rests fresh pineapple, black currant and fresh lychee, notes that I've come to love in my own personal journey. Kenya, especially Nairobi, I am aware is an emerging market especially on the African continent for fashion and beauty. I know your products retail across the USA. Do you retail in Africa?

Unfortunately, no . . .I do not retail in Africa. I would absolutely LOVE to and am currently seeking distribution for both my brands in Europe and Africa. I've got to ask you how come you are so in tune with your Kenyan heritage? How often did you visit Kenya as a child?
I'm in tune with my Kenyan heritage because of my incredible family, especially my parents. My father is a professor of African History and my mom is a Dean. They are both highly educated individuals who taught my brother and I the value of family and knowing where you come from. I spent more time in Kenya as a child, and look forward to expanding my businesses so that I can actually work to travel to Kenya often and quite possibly create opportunities for Kenyans back home with my businesses. I look so forward to the days when I can travel home, do research trips etc. to expand my lines. As well as find opportunities to give back on a larger scale.

Where can our readers purchase Safi?
Nyakio: or What are your price points?

The Safi Fragrance Parfum Oil retails for $60.00, The Safi Fragrance Eau de Parfum retails for $78.00 Before we let you go, give us some few tips on shopping for perfumes.

Nyakio:Give the fragrance time to dry down to know how you will carry the fragrance. Know that fragrance adapts to your bodies own body chemistry, so it will not smell the same on everyone. Our olfactory nerve is our strongest sense, if a fragrance brings up something emotional in you, speaks to you, try to figure out where that memory is coming from and if it brings you joy. . .it's because our sensory memory is so strong! Fragrance is supposed to enhance your personal spirit, not overwhelm everyone in the room, less is more. . .wear fragrance that enhances your beautiful soul! What is the best piece of advice you can give to a budding entrepreneur who wants to be just as successful as you are?

Make affirmations, create manifestations, believe in yourself and your goals! PRAY A LOT! Always know that what you put out there comes back to you. Thanks Ms. serial entrepreneur or Mrs. Serial Entrepreneur since you are now married! [laughs]

Yes, happily and a mommy to a fabulous 2 year old daughter! [smiles] Thank you so much for this opportunity.


Anonymous said...

i have a lot of admiration and utmost respect for most kenyan women. they are very hardworking & enterprising, very humble too. i schooled with some.

ladybrille, very interesting post. pls do some again when u can, take care...

Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic... well, congratulations for your new launched perfume.

Anonymous said...

This perfume is fabulous. I've received many many compliments when I wear Safi.

Simon D said...

Yesssss, I am looking for this type of Prefume

Sunni Colon said...

I think this perfume is of great quality because it is launch by someone like Nyakio Kamoche. Hope it is affordable.

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