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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why do Men Cheat?

Hope you had a brilliant weekend. Mine was fabulous! I spent some quality time with friends and family and also enjoyed arts and culture at a local arts festival. By the way, have you been watching the Olympics? Volleyball is my favorite sport and I am loving the beach Volleyball games.

This past week, it was hard to miss the John Edwards debacle and the fact that he cheated on his beautiful wife, Elizabeth. In fact, while Senator Edwards has acknowledged his infidelity, he denies he is the father of Rielle Hunter's baby, the woman he cheated with. Talk about a true Maury Povich, "You are or are not the father!" drama.

That politicians cheat is no suprise. Many a politician, men for the most part, have brought shame and embarassment to themselves and families with infidelity. What I wonder, however, is WHY do men cheat?
Is society setting standards for men, when it comes to expecting that men will not cheat, that is simply unattainable? Are men inherently cheats i.e. is it nature? Is our society [Western] better off adopting so called third world ways, like that reminiscent of the African Traditional Religion/Islam where men have up to four wives? That way women stop expecting monogamous relationships and accept that men cheat? I realize women do cheat. Actually recent statistics say 40% of married women cheat. [wow!] But, my focus is on men. Seriously, why do men cheat?

Have a brilliant upcoming week.



Anonymous said...

because they are a bunch of incorrigible pigs...I've been searching for that answer for a while now...

On a more serious note, i asked a guy friend of mine and his response was that men are generally excited about the prospects of someone new, despite the fact that the gf/wife is way hotter than the other woman.

pigs i tell you.

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