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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Be Grateful & Content with all you have!

It's funny how the grass always seems greener on the other side until we get the true facts and then realize how truly blessed we are. This past week I was reminded to be grateful and content with ALL that I have.

Think you have a hearing problem? Wait till you meet the deaf. Think eating the same food day in and out is boring? Wait till you meet the starving person who has no food/idea where food will come from. Think your clothes are not sylish, wait till you meet that person with no clothes to wear. Think your relationship with your hubby/wifey is not as great as Sally's, wait till you get the real scoop from Sally about how crumbling about to divorce relationship. Think your house isn't quite furnished , wait till you meet the person going through a foreclosure/who has just lost his/her home.

This week I challenge you to be grateful and content with what God has blessed you with. Instead of complaining, use it and bless others.

Have a brilliant and blessed week ahead!



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