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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is your Mind Right? The Power of Positive Thinking

One of my girlfriends and I kicked off last week with positive affirmations. We said we would go through the week praying, believing and receiving happiness, joy, financial independence, successful businesses, good health, healthy relationships with ourselves, family, friends, boyfriend[s] etc. We prayed for God to grant us the ability to stay and think positive thoughts regardless of the situation. Now, you know when you pray about having positive thoughts and set out to stay that way, something crazy comes up to try to mess it all up!

My week was one challenge after another that threatened my positive affirmations with my friend. The choice became, do I give in and let the challenges weigh me down or do I reaffirm the blessings and prayers with my friend despite all the negativity? It was a tough choice because it was much easier to do the first. Nevertheless, thank God for his grace because as difficult as it was, I chose to be positive in the face of these challenges. I chose to get and keep my mind right. Throughout the many challenges I faced this past week, I just kept smiling, singing and believing positive thoughts. You know what happened? Little miracles began popping up left and right. It was as if I was being rewarded for my determination to stay positive, regardless.

Later in the week, I managed to sneak some “me” time and hang out with a friend I had not seen for aeons. We went to watch the Doobie Brothers perform in the Los Gatos Mountains. It was great! My friend and I, before and after the concert, caught up on happenings in our lives: the good, the bad and the ugly. Before I left him, he said, “you know you are going all the way to the top, right?” I responded, “Yes, I know.” He began to encourage me to have positive thoughts, regardless of the situation.

This week, I want to encourage you to stay positive. You are what you think so is your mind right? If yes, great! If no, get your mind right! Your mind is very powerful and you MUST be determined and stay vigilant about the kinds of thoughts you let in. Everytime a negative thought tries to get in, give it a “talk to the hand" treatment, Vivica Fox Style.
This upcoming week, I challenge you to begin to redirect your destiny with positive thoughts. Common, go ahead. You CAN do it.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words.” Watch your words; they become actions.” “Watch your actions; they become habits.” “Watch your habits; they become character.” “Watch your character; it becomes your destiny . . .”
by Anonymous.

Remain Blessed,


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