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Monday, June 2, 2008

Ladybrille Celebrates 1yr Anniversary!

Two years ago, I set out to demystify the ridiculous myths and marginalization in the West and Africa about African models. I enlisted the help of some strong “African Model Preneurs” and models: Supermodel Oluchi, Miss World 2001 Agbani Darego, Hawa Diawara and Iman among many. My motivation was driven by the need and passion to educate and elevate the consciousness of the West and Africa regarding who the African model really was; and how she handled the many dichotomies of her reality, as she balanced the demands placed on her by both cultures.

The result was a very comprehensive feature, “Demystifying the Exoticness of the African Fashion Model,” which was published in September of 2006 in African Vibes Magazine. It was highly important to me that the feature was published in an African focused publication, first. The feature took over four months to write and involved in-depth and extensive research. In the process of writing the feature, I stumbled on a HUGE void in which fashion could be used as a medium to fill. No one was attempting or even appeared interested to fill this void.

I, also, was not interested in doing the tremendous work I knew would come with trying to fill this void. My plate was already full with a very busy profession as an attorney/litigator and I knew it would require an inordinate amount of time to create quality content that could educate and guide most to re-shift their mental framework and debunk the myths on Africans. So, I hoped that the published feature would allow others to take the idea and run with it. Let's just say that never happened.

Since I am as much a doer as I am a talker, it became clear to me what needed to be done.
I knew I was passionate about the subject matter and the people, plus I had a firm grasp of the industry-having been involved in it for so long and in varied capacities. The key thing was to find and create the time to do the work. For six months, I struggled each day, unofficially, to set a schedule, discipline myself and treat it like a job. At the end of the six months, I had my routine down and by June of 2007 launched what is now the Ladybrille Blogazine.

Since the launch of the Blogazine, it has indeed grown. We have various writers writing for us, added a PR intern who is just amazing, have more writers joining us including our new addition Ms. Toya Thomas and continue to set out eyes on higher heights as we elevate and try to create a viral like movement with Ladybrille!

So, for our anniversary month, which we claim as a month of great harvest for Ladybrille-Amen, we invite you to celebrate with us as we go back to where it all started!
In this issue, we feature powerful “African Model Preneurs” who have singlehandedly served as trailblazers and ambassadors for Africa's fashion and entertainment industries putting these industries on the world map. Enjoy our features on models like Supermodel Oluchi, Teiko Dornor and Noella Coursaris. These goddesses continue to defy boundaries, overhaul stereotypes and show, seamlessly, how brains, beauty and a BIG heart go together. Also, be on the look out for emerging Ladybrille Model faces we think you should know. Finally, be sure to check out our Ladybrille Woman of the Month Abenaa Frempong-Boadu, musician and shoe designer. For the Ladybrille women with larger sizes, Boadu’s shoe brand, Gwyneth Shoes, go all the way to size [14!]

Again, we THANK YOU for believing and walking with us as we execute our vision. Special thanks to Yetunde Taiwo and her team at Icy Works, we have enjoyed working with them to create our monthly covers. Also special thanks to Bobby Taylor of Bobby Taylor PR and Ms. Chichi of It Feels Good to Be Home blog. They have both been amazing fans/supporters. Thank you and YES, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Remain Blessed,



yettyd said...

Congratulations on your remarkable achievements so far! Goodluck with the Future.

Lov Lov
Yettyd. Design

SET said...

haPPY 1 YR, Its been a while Ms Lady.

Unknown said...

Congrats, humble diva. (Diva is a nice word.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a very productive year. Can't wait for the next 365. :) It's been a pleasure working with your team, and reading your blog.

!!Estella!! said...

I am VERY PROUD of you!

Thank you for Creating LADYBRILLE!!

Te BEST IS SURE YET TO COME!!! I know you are just warming up!!!

Me, Ur #1 Fan! ;)

O.A.Eddy said...

Congratulations! Wishing you many more years of success

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