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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Month of May!

Happy Month of May! It’s my favorite month. I wonder why? Hmm . . . might it be because I was born on Cinco de Mayo [May 5th]? YES! But, I am also happy when May comes around because it means summer is literally right around the corner. Now a tip for this month. I don't care where you are or how busy you are, DO NOT under any circumstances, especially for our USA based readers, forget Mother’s day. Start getting your gifts now, otherwise, you are bound to receive a scolding from mom. It will not be pretty trust me. [Big laugh here]

Okay back to my excitement about May, we here at Ladybrille could not help but put in our two cents to get you fashionably fit so you can flaunt that amazing body your mama gave you! In our May issue, the first step to flaunting that body is to know it quite well. Meet Dr. Ngozi Osuagwu, a gynecologist and our Ladybrille Woman of the Month as we learn about her journey into medicine and her insights/tips on taking control of your health.
Once you are equipped with that knowledge, stay tuned for our main feature, Mary Onyali, who will INSPIRE you to stay healthy. Two decades of representing Africa, this mother, wife, sister, daughter and athletic icon is still running strong with her new attempt at a sports apparel manufacturing venture in Africa! Yup, that's right, in Africa.
Alright, so you know your body intimately, you are inspired, worked up a storm and are looking so hot!, if you must say so yourself. What next? That's the easiest part of our job this month. Work it out on the streets of Accra, Lagos, London, New York, Capetown/Johannesburg, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the most upscale, contemporary African tradition meets Modernity fashion brand, Zulu Rose.

Have a happy, happy May!

Remain Blessed,
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