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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is the Biggest Advice for a Young Person Trying to Start their Own Business?

Q: I read about what you have accomplished and what you are continuing to do. I just had a question, I don't know if you would be willing to answer. I want to start a boutique in Nigeria, what is your biggest advice for a young Nigerian trying to start her own business. Any advice would [be] soo greatly appreciated-Mobolaji, USA.

Ans: Hi Mobolaji, of course I'd be willing to answer! The timeliness of my response, however, is the only issue. Sorry, I get so many of these so it takes time to get to you. Thank you for the question. I have never owned a business in Nigeria so I hesitate to speak on the day to day operations of running a business in Nigeria. I will rely, instead, on some of our readers with businesses in Nigeria to do so.

In terms of our advice, basic business principles apply regardless of the location and country for your business. As such, click on our "Fashion Business" and "Interview" categories to see archived interviews and business advice and resources on how to start your own business. Also a must read is one of our favorite sites It covers starting a clothing line from scratch but also has info. on retail boutiques. Finally, check out our TAN Conf. coverage because we feel it provides excellent info. including from people on the ground in Nigeria. Some other key things to think about: 1) Do you have the personality and discipline to be an entrepreneur, 2) Think infrastructure and how you can naviagte both infrastructure and logistics to have a successful business, 3) Be sure to seek quality mentors that are already doing it. There are so many opening stores in Nigeria now that you should not have to do this on your own. Examples of names to contact include Deola Sagoe who opened a flagship store in February in Lagos, Folake Coker of Tiffany Amber who has a boutique at the Palms Springs Mall in Lagos, Buki De La Zaria who has an amazing high end bag boutique in Lagos, Onna Erlich who is launching a store in Nigeria and many more.

Don't be afraid to ask. I don't anticipate they will be unwillingly to help but should that be the case, shake it off, move to the next person and keep asking till you find a fit and a mentor as you embark on an exciting journey. Let us know how it goes!
All the best!



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