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Thursday, February 28, 2008

South Africa Design Week, Design Indaba 2008

South Africa made an aggressive stake on the world's fashion map with competitive innovations and beautiful designs through its annual Design Indaba Expo. Held February 23rd to 26th, 2008 at the Capetown International Convention Center, [t]he curated event featured exhibitors with originality and creativity. There were assorted products on display ranging from eco-friendly fragrances, fashion designs and technological gadgets and gizmos.

Particularly interesting, for us, is South Africa's grasp of eco-friendly fashions and the fact that global consumers want a lifestyle that is stylish yet respectful of the environment. For example, the duo Irvan Damon and Gabriella Alberoni, "eco-entrepreneurs" and owners of the brand Carbon D'Afreeque were one of the exhibitors at the event. On Carbon D'Afreeque's site the duo explain the brand came about when in 2005, "[they] were frustrated by the mountains of colourful billboard PVC being created and so sadly being dumped, and [they] were in need of some fantastic travel bags as well."

They note, "South Africa has relatively relaxed by-laws, and, thus lots of billboards. So we set about to do something functional, eco-chic, less-is-more, clever, tough and water-resistant (for those beautiful South African high-veld storms), to help carry a super chic Mac or something glam to impress the ladies . . ." The duo would later design their first clutch called “Bon-bon”using organic bamboo lining for the inners. Today, they design a wide array of eco-friendly fashions including chairs, clutches, lap-top bags and lots more. On the clothing realm, designs were whimsical, theatrical and at times futuristic.

Check out some of our Editor's picks. All photos by Simon Deiner,


Stiaan Louw



Backstage at Lunar

I love Leroy

Afrodiva by Hip-Hop



Amanda Laird Cherry


shopliquorice said...

fantastic!! need to google some designers...haven't heard of most of them...

Anonymous said...

amazing artwork, definitely of high standard! how about we extend it to Fashion Month, Design Indaba?

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