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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where Can I Purchase Ready Made Ankara Outfits?

Q. "Is there ANY ankara designer who has a website that one can actually view and purchase an item from? I have looked through ALL your links and none of them do. [S]ome don't even publish their prices. What are they afraid of? Haven't they heard of Paypal or Visa? If one does not have the time for a fitting or resides in a non- popular city how else can one purchase a ready to wear ankara outfit? HELP!" ~Florence

A. Hi Florence, thanks for your e-mail. Designers, readers, please give Florence your suggestions. Meanwhile, Florence, I think you should check out our post on Ankara which includes the Urban knit brand & Sika designs here. I'd suggest you contact the designers on our site directly and ask regarding their price points and where you can get their garments in the USA.

E-retail for African Apparel Designers
As to prices on site or paypal/Visa, high end designers African or non-Africans usually do not have the prices of their garments listed on their site. That is where the retail stores come in to carry their brands. A lot of the African designers linked on sites are consistent with the status quo, especially since most do not mass produce. However, your question touches on the movement that is part of Ladybrille and we hope spreads across the net. E-retail for African apparel manufacturers and designers, we believe, is what levels the playing field for Africa's fashion industry and allows it sell directly to customers, without having to woo and appease buyers to give us a chance. An African owned fashion business that has done an excellent job of e-retail is Toni Payne Cosmetics.

For most, especially African brands in Africa, the problem is the supply chain including logistics that happens after the consumers in USA & [Europe] order their fashion products and how they get the product to Western consumers intact and in a timely fashion. Basically, Africa e-retailing is still in its infancy but it's only a matter of time when you'll be able to click on sites akin to or, figure out what you like, see the price and order. For now, again, contact the designers directly. By the way, a new e-retail store owned by the Liberian born, Fashion Buyer, Chioma Amegashiemight be helpful. You can e-mail her on what you want and if she gets enough of such demands, she will be ordering from the brands on our site and more. Again, designers, please help to fill in the gap with your suggestions in case we missed something.


!!Estella!! said...
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!!Estella!! said...

Wow! Now that's a very challenging question!
But one am glad to say is the focus of my fashion house this year. Which is why I have been working from West Africa all of this year, right into the spring! because the Ankara fabrics are a lot more cheaper and in so many lovely and beautiful patterns here in W/Africa, expecially Togo and Ghana!

Amd also being a web designer as well, I have been working with my web team to put up a very secure website for payment.
So, in a little while, ESTELLA COUTURE'S ONLINE STORE would be up and ready! And I will beg Ladybrille to notify all fashion lovers.

About the price, some WOULD BE expensive and others wont be, so, everyone's need would be met! Of course we all know more time and effort are put in some designs, hence the cost, right?

Watch out this spring as I launch my Online Store and also a new line I am introducing. Trust me, I have been having sleepless in Africa just to make this 2008 dream come true!

And thanks for loving Ankara prints! Without you, I wont be in business! (wink)

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