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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ladybrille African Fashion News, #30

A weekly collection of fashion news related to/about Africa.
  1. V&A wins top shopping centre award
  2. South Africa: Growth Means Diamonds Head for Asia
  3. Kwanzaa is not just another Christmas
  4. Chinese beauty wins Miss World
  5. Thread count
  6. South African designer Gavin Rajah creates one-of-a-kind doll to ...
  7. Moroccan Fashion Instigates Visual Enchantment
  8. Uganda: Local Fashion Designer Wins Medal in Niger
  9. Black Friday reality check
  10. PDATE 1-UK fashion retailer Topshop plans China stores in 2008
  12. Kenyan fashion shows mere entertainment
  13. New faces at C Definition Fashion Agency
  14. Uganda is an Entrepreneur’s Canvass: Molding and Painting the ...
  15. Kenya: 'Catwalk Kenya' Puts Local Fashion Industry in the Spotlight
  16. African Fashion International announces Deon Redman as new ...
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!!Estella!! said...

Story # 12:Kenyan fashion shows mere entertainment: is ironically the truth and one that hurts.

Its a trend here....and it breaks my heart that people have teken fashion shows these days as a mere entertainment. Like another program on the Agenda.

And that is why I turn down any event that calls me to showcase my designs just to make their event colorful and glamorous.
Dont get me wrong, I appreciate the love for my designs, but at the end of the day, Fashion is Also BUSINESS! And the designers have bills to be paid!

It does not make any business sense to go showcase designs I put in so much sweat to create for an audience I know for sure would never patronise me! I can hand them my brochure or catalogue to admire....

Its just about time Designers and event planners organize fashion shows the way they should be, and with simply the goal of GETTING BUYERS! Not just to show off the clothes, flyers and borchures can do just that!

But actually doing it for long-term profit!

Just as I am sick of designers who organize fashion shows to collect gate fees for their pockets! (Sure the bills would be recouped, but look at the long-term benefit, rather than the short-term peanuts)

Oh well, I guess that is where I am accused of being over ambitious and too business minded. I am guilty as charged! I LOVE TO DESIGN, I LOVE TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL THINGS, BUT I ALSO WANT TO GAIN FROM MY TALENT, AND I WANT TO LEAVE A LEGACY FOR MY CHILDREN'S CHILDREN........AS A FASHION DESIGNER! - Not as a Fashion Show Entertainer! Simple. said...

@estella: I'd have to agree with you on this one. But, hopefully designers like you can educate producers on what you want to see . . . and think also always asking what buyers they have secured and media for shows you are invited to.

!!Estella!! said...

Lady, you would be amazed at the shortcomings of so many of the fashion show organizers.
So many of them promise heaven and earth!
They claim they would have 50 press men in attendance and you end up seeing ZERO!

They claim they have 'connections' to media houses, buyers etc, and at the end of the day, one sees nothing! And not even a mention on a single website! Its frustrating, and I would love it if designers stick to their guns and refuse to showcase wherever they wont get at least even one press mention! because seems like most people are taking fashion designing for granted. Some think that because they can trace out a dress on a paper makes them fashion designers. When its actually a PROFESSION. God help us!.

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