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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Brilliant Poets: Bassey Ikpi & Chiedu Ifeozo

I am a big fan of poetry. I wrote poetry extensively while in college performing at Poetry jam sessions on campus. I just recently picked up writing poetry again. Some talented, gifted poets that I think you absolutely will be inspired by.

Bassey Ikpi: The five time Def Jam Poet Ikpi captures the struggles that I feel persons like myself and most of you readers can relate to in "Homeward." The so called "Afropolitans" caught in what I call the corridors of culture. What is so beautiful about her poetry is that it transcends being African and just has a human element that resonates with most. For all things Bassey Ikpi visit her website

"Homeward" by Bassey Ikpi

Chiedu Ifeozo: is an emerging Poet whose poetry I think is a beautiful contrast to Ikpi's and sort of picks up where Ikpi stops. Ikpi talks about being "Homeward." Ifeozo gives you a real sense of what it feels like to give in to Africa's calling in "Homecoming." Ifeozo represents a new generation of young, intelligent and talented African professionals who are doing what I call a "reverse" brain drain by moving back to Africa and using their Western earned education, talents and skills to help change Africa's image and economy. Ifeozo who was born in Nigeria, spent most of his childhood and teenage years there but later migrated to England where he completed his masters degree in Electronics Engineering. In 2005, Ifeozo returned to Nigeria and while he is an Engineer, he immerses himself in the arts.

You can preview his newly released book "Thoughts on a page . . . a collection of poetry" spanning over 12 years "href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here
catch him on facebook here or purchase his book here.

"Homecoming" by Chiedu Ifeozo.


Oracle said...

I've not seen the videos yet coz I've got no speakers in this system.
However, I'll watch it later.

Poetry is beautiful, one can say that poetry is life. All of life can be expressed through the beauty of Language.
I love poetry, let's celebrate it.

AT said...

bassey ikpi makes me hold my breath. i have no words.

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