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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sanlam SA Fashion Week Summer 07/08

Sanlam SA Fashion Week just completed its Summer 2007/2008 fashion week. Check out the collections that really impressed us! Photos courtesy of Sanlam SA Fashion Week.
Lunar: was a steady climb from cool to happy as silk fabrics with color palettes like gray, blue and cool yellow/gold complimented classic shapes to evoke a relaxed state of mind and fine fluidity.

Story: Every woman has a story. The label "Story" understands this. Its collection in organic/beige tones of silk and linen fabrics translates into womanly stories of sleek, sexy, mature and unequivocal beautiful confidence.

Bongiwe Walaza: is adept at making a woman look sassy and sexy in her designs. The designer displayed brilliant cuts of shwe shwe contrasted with color palettes of rich browns and gold.

Clive Rundle: came to play this summer! His use of vibrant colorful fabrics such as yellow and purple while "maintaining the sexy" is sweet! Most of his collection can be worn as is or deconstructed for a day at the office.

I love Leroy: With fun, flirty floral print dresses matched with bolero type jackets in neutral tones, what is there not to love about Leroy?

Poetry: Ladybrille's Poetry for you: Relaxed fit is in. Bold colors are in. And, clothes like Poetry's that make all say, to you, “hey, beautiful!” is definitely in!

Mantsho: Palesa Mokubung, the designer behind the Mantsho line who previously worked for SA’s Stoned Cherie, shows she is a force to be reckoned with via her functional, African inspired yet cosmopolitan collection.

Thando Zamxaka: has a fresh take on shwe shwe with the line's artistic yet functional silhouettes.


Refinedone said...

...Now that's how you represent Africa!

My 2 cents said...

Now this is a fashion show that depicts Africa and our "to die for" creative ideas and awesome scenic landscapes and resources.

Honestly sometimes I am embarassed to be a Nigerian, I kid you not.

I was told recently I look South African maybe I can change my nationality lol!!

yummy411 said...

hi! i'm so glad i found this site!!! i have this budding interest in african fashion and this just set it off! how fab are those clothes? a lot of times on US's runways, you see stuff that's so bizarre (a.k.a couture) i can't grasp onto the concepts/idea! this is truly fab.. i want to go get some of this stuff tailormade!!! pls pardon my ignorance, but what is shwe shwe? said...

Hi Yummy411! Shwe shwe is a South African design print usually designed on cotton fabrics. It has its origins in Germany. The story goes that German settlers came to SA in 1858 and brought shwe swhe design prints with them. The fabric allegedly became well known among the Xhosa people of SA. To learn more about shwe shwe design you can start off with

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