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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering 911

New York Fashion Week ends tomorrow and of course we will be ready to give you our top editor picks, trends and looks for Spring 2008!

Meanwhile, today marks the sixth year anniversary of 911. Isn't it interesting that the same buzzing city of New York came to a screeching halt six years ago? Not an iota of activity except for the courageous men and women who tried to save many lives among the thousands of bodies crushed under the debris of what was formely the twin towers. 911 affected the economy, our familes, nation, the world and definitely the fashion scene. Shortly after 911, subsequent fashion seasons in New York and globally reflected somber color palettes and silhouettes; and all in the fashion chain, especially consumers, agreed there was less room for frivolity, opulence and waste.

We were reminded that while fashion is quite important, it was not that important in the bigger scheme of things. The fashion parties, celebrity worship and over the top fashions, among others, gave room to a subdued and very reflective mood on and off the runways of the world. Today, I am glad we celebrate life off and on the runways with vibrant color palettes, romantic dresses and hopeful/futuristic metallics. Amidst all the fun, celebrity sightings, parties and excitement this Spring 2008, we thought we should take a minute to remember the victims of 911.

On another note, sort of an interesting story here. A friend sent this link to me. Apparently, a passenger gets thrown off one of Southwest Airlines plane because she is allegedly dressed too skimpy. Hmmmm . . .

Have a brilliant day and look out for our New York Fashion Week Spring 2008 Review.


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