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Friday, September 14, 2007

Ladybrille African Fashion News #25 + Artist Mala Rodriguez

This week was craaaaaaaaaazy! So busy it was unreal. I am superglad it is Friday!!!!!!!!!! Finally, a little time to just chill! Okay folks, don't forget Runway Africa! If you are on the East Coast and will be in the DC Metro Area, get your tickets tonight online and go out and support!
On another note, found this quote very interesting --". "Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like"~ Will Rogers. Ain't dat the truth! Moving on . . . check out some interesting fashion news about/related to Africa. Enjoy the video below and I hope you spend your weekend chilling, partying, attending a fashion event, hanging out with friends or just plain enjoying some quiet time! I will spend mine relaxing, shopping and enjoying some art work at the launch of an art gallery and theater in my neck of the woods. Who knows I might start acting lessons someday :) Just have to get through this semester of fashion school, first. Phew! :) lol!
  1. NY fashion runways lack black and Asian models
  2. Kuahos designs feature in movie
  3. Use of Biko as retail icon splits admirers
  4. Ports anchored in East Africa
  5. Black pride leader revived as fashion icon for South Africa's youth
  6. Francois Girbaud: Test Of Time
  7. Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi's Millennium Speech
  8. South Africa: The Phenomenon Who Remained Ubhut' Bantu
  9. Giordano posts 30pc growth rate in Mideast
  10. South Africa: Only 'Collective Efficiency' Will Bear Fruit for ...
  11. South Africa Fashion News - Consumer News Today
  12. Geography Lessons

Loving this artist Mala Rodriguez with one of her many hits "Por La Noche"

Have a fun, safe and brilliant weekend!


My 2 cents said...

I am trying to keep up with all this information on fashion in Africa. Your blog is like a manual for me now and I thank you for all this information.

Anonymous said...

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