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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ladybrille African Fashion News #17

Today is a brilliant day! Why? Because I said so and it is also a day closer to Friday! There are some really interesting news in the fashion world but before we get there, heard all the talks about the "United States of Africa." Is that a real possiblity or just a waste of intellectual energy? See what critics are saying here. In addition, stop by the African Loft to read the Blog Carnival focused on the topic of Trade vs. Aid in Africa, definitely very relevant to Africa's fashion industry. Meanwhile, in case you haven't noticed, private equity funds are rocking the fashion world with their purchases of fashion companies. The Economist recently covered this trend but points out some "[Problems] With Private Equity Funds." Enjoy the rest of our weekly collection of fashion news about/related to Africa and have a brilliant day!
  1. The Offensive Exploitation of the Masai
  2. British police offer reward to stop female circumcision
  3. India Long Way Off From Becoming Fashion Power: Rathi Vinay Jha ...
  4. Shop drums up business for its catwalk fashion
  5. The Chinese dollar hoard thunders forward
  6. Heritage custodian launches clothing range
  7. Sweetest fashion at the Canderel fashion lounge
  8. Botswana: 'Stand Up for Yourselves' - Native American Tells ...
  9. egypt expands role on global technology stage
  10. Lesotho: An Industry Fraying At the Seams
  11. Zimbabwe Fines 1300 Businesses
  12. Kenya: Palaver About African Union Was a Grand Waste of Time
  13. Ghana: The African Union Fiasco in Accra
  14. Black Women Continue to Set Hair Fashion Trends Thanks to ...
  15. SA, Italy urged to increase fashion trade
  16. Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration Group's journey to Africa ...
  17. Hair Fashion Trends
  18. 'Our aim is to consolidate the existing infrastructure'
  19. Beauty was born in Africa
  20. Harley Street sells 'risk-free' skin whitener
  21. Bengal Artisans To Showcase Folk Art In Durban
  22. House of Henri takes developmental fashion to the UN

Other noteworthy news:

  1. Valentino Group acquires stake in Proenza Schouler
  2. Limited sells 75% stake in Limited stores


Unknown said...

currently loving your blog...

i came by to leave an announcement but i can't do it....

Keep up the great work...

pammy said...

Thanks Pamela. Your blog posts are also quite interesting.

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