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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Durban Fashion Week, II

Continuing and completing our review of Durban Fashion Week check out our fashion violators, see who we think the next "it" designers are and what we think the latest trends will be from Durban Fashion week 2007. Bien sur! Ladybrille Fashion Police [LFP] is on duty to arrest fashion offenders and whisk them off to jail awaiting arraignment and trial in Ladybrille's Style Court. [Photocredits: Simon Deiner/Thunda ]

Fashion Police
LFPC 300, Creating Confusion: From the bottom down, the dress? or coat? Nice! Especially the lining. The top, one armed ruffled blouse with shorts?? Confusing.

LFPC 340, making women look like American linebackers: We get the 20s flapper type look going on here. But this is too boxy and would most likely not flatter most body shapes. The shoulder pads, is she a linebacker? LFPC 400, forging saggy boobs on a young woman. This model is very young and has no children. There is no way her breast would sag this much. Designer, common!

LFPC 300, Creating Confusion-- What is this?

Ladybrille's Top Emerging Designer Picks

Vivienn Thomet

Nelidesigns-Nelisile Nkwanyana

Mosewamosa- Mosa Mokuena

Melissa Paulus-Mel Creations

Trends from Durban Fashion Week 2007
Head Scarf- Gavin Rajah

Jewelry-Ashok Jewelers

Belt -Kluk Cgdt


BAGS --Sun Goddess

Kluk Cgdt


Arewa said...

I am 1ST!!
Thanks for giving me something entertaining to occupy the last 1hr of my exhausting day....
The designs are fab... but i still have to say that I find African Inspired designs a lot more realistic to those created by the top guns (Gucci, Prada, ...)I just think that fashion should be a lot more realistic than WACKY!!

Thanx again x x x

Chi-Chi said...

I love the tan bag a whole lot.

And you're right about the saggy boobs. Not even Naomi Campbell got sagging tits. things that make me go hmm...

African fashion is so classy...even the swimwear is nice.

Omodudu said...

I sort of exepcted a little more than this. said...

@Arewa-glad you are first! I celebrate with!
@Chi-- Na u o! I luv the tan bag also!
@Omodudu-- Oga wetin na? Wetin u want. Abeg jare. Kilonshele?

Toni Payne said...

LOL..@ linebackers..
ooooo the bag "Kluk Cgdt" who designed it.. I absolutely love it, totally my style.

Anonymous said...

oooooh these photos are fantastic!

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