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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ladybrille African Fashion News #15

Photo by Kevork Djahsezian Paris Hilton goes to jail and it's this big deal. She gets released and networks are begging to pay her millions for her interview. I saw her on Larry King Live yesterday. I'm glad she wants to change but what oshi [foolishness] both from her and the networks.
Before we go on to the rest of our weekly collection of Ladybrille's Africa/Africa related fashion news, there are some really interesting fashion news on both the Western and African front to highlight. On the Western front, the famous Italian fashion designer Gianfranco Ferre known as the "architect of fashion" dies at 62, as a result of a brain hemorrhage. Another death is that of Bristish style Icon Isabella Blow. As of yesterday, fashion icon Liz Claiborne finally lost the fight with cancer. She was 78.
In the financial sphere, the luxury specialty retailer Barney's just sold, this past Friday, for $825million in cash to a Dubai-based private equity investment house. Italian designer Roberto Cavalli joins the list of celebrities and designers to form a fashion union with Swedish retailer H &M. The designer is set to produce a women's and men's collection that debuts in November of 2008. Hip-Hop Mogul and fashion icon, Diddy, scent wins "Men's Fragrance of the Year." By the way, America's upcoming 2008 elections looks sizzling hot as the presidential debates continue and we hold our breath in anticipation of America's future. A big issue during the debates has been immigration. Inevitably, Mexico comes up. But, on a fashion end, did you know Gucci opened a flagship store in Mexico back in March? Big statement from Gucci. The big retail department store, Walmart, is shaking things up, again. Walmart is set to enter the financial world, full time, via what some are calling "The National Bank of Walmart." The proposed banking scheme would, unlike other financial institutions, target Americans whose income are below the national average. Extremely interesting how this plays out. In case you are unaware, Walmart has its hands in Africa--Ghana, for example, is reviving its garment industry, at a rapid rate, partly due to over 400 garment workers who are part of the global supply chain to Wal-Mart. Finally, as to the Western front, a big legal victory for manufacturers as the US Supreme Court shifts price fixing power from retailers to manufacturers.
On the African front, Nigeria's New York based Supermodel Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi is allegedly set to launch a music career. Meanwhile, four South African emerging designers will be showing their work, for the first time, at Paris Fashion Week. Also, African-Americans are taking a keen look at investments in Africa. It is particularly nice that some happen to be celebrities using their black power to make Africa look sexier. Jamie Foxx, Herbie Hancock, Chris Tucker, Mos Def, Ghanian-British designer Ozwald Boateng and Isaiah Washington were among Black celebrities who met, this past Friday, in Beverly Hills at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles to promote African-American interest and investments in Africa as part of their preparation for the African Union Summit, now in its ninth year, which takes place next month, in Ghana. By the way, Africa's fashion industry is also interested in big financial moves via the world of mergers and acquisitions. One recent rumble and tumble is when USA Firm Bain Capital, LLC acquired South African big retailer brand Edcon for $3.5 billion. The recent acquisition has generated interesting talks about private equity funds and the number of African companies available for purchase.
Check out more Africa/Africa related fashion news. I even managed to slip in some interesting news from prior weeks. Have a brilliant day!
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