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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fashion Police Alert for Tinapa

I blogged in the past regarding the grand opening of Tinapa. Thanks to, we now get to see some of the fashions. Of course Ladybrille Fashion Police is on duty.


The rich display of vibrant colorful fabrics on this men are just sexy! The styles worn are commonly seen among the older men in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Younger men wear these styles usually when they are getting married via "traditional" wedding.

The once neglected Ankara reserved for the poor or those within the village or house wear is not done in collecting all its unpaid dividends and respect when it comes to fabric preferences among Nigeria's fashion-forward. This colorful off the shoulder anakara blouse with loose matching skirt flatters most body shapes, although the cut works better for a woman in her 40s and above. Her gele [head gear], Ilepe [shawl] and sling back shoes complete the look. We would trade the jewelry and sunglasses for an even more elegant set.
Cinderella Ankara again continues to upstage the Aso Oke rich wicked step sister. This body conscious slightly off the shoudler ankara deep purple print blouse and matching skirt is contrasted nicely with rich accesories of pastel colored gele, purse and sling back shoes. We like!!Classic white and black design prints on any fabric will always be a staple in the wardrobe of the fashion-forward. This ankara blouse with romantic puffy sleeves, flatters her arms and neckline. We don't care for the skirt. Too long and does not seem balance her upper body with her lower body. An A-line skirt would probably have evened out her proportions. By the way, TIP: Especially for shorter persons, extra long skirts cause a dwarfing effect, so avoid. Everything else, we love. Okay, we'd substitute the purse for a lean sleeker silhouette. So many ways and so many fabric blends with ankara. Brilliant!


A fun travel piece, especially if you are headed to Hawaii any time soon.

Fresh & light

Three good friends of mine tell me Puerto Villarta is the place to be for the beaches, good food and a great Volleyball game. This cool linen dress with its flower design prints comes in handy for a nice dinner by the beach or strolling through Puerto Villarta. The head accesory, lose it. Looks more like a bandage.

The purse absolutely cuuute! The dress sweet. Again, a whole new way of looking at Ankara. But, can we get a complete look with the hair? The looks on the runway are never quite complete from head to toe.

Vibrant yellow color, exquisite embroidery and accesories make this a brilliant option. I hope this model worked it like it was her birthday. Beautiful!

*Sigh!* We were having a good time until the fashion violators came. *Sigh*

LFPC 200, "Acting to Fly to Get with the Program": Nollywood's Actor Ramsey Noah from neck up is cute. From the bottom down, LFP has issued him his fashion warnings from its department issued card and he is now under arrest for acting too fly to dress for the occasion. Comin' up in here raining on our parade with a "I am off to da park for some BBQ and a game of dominos with awon[dem] boyz." This is the commissioning of a $335 million business resort and an Africa Movie Awards event. Geez!
LFPC 201, "Refusing to Let Go." This young woman escaped the LFP with her sneaky get away pretty smile . But, to the woman to her left, you are under arrest for hanging on to your grade school skirt of two decades! The burgundy or is that red hair? Either way, *sigh!*
LFPC 202 "Looking Cheap." Designer Zizi Cardow gets a wealthy upgrade from head to toe. Ladybrille Style Court is even hooking her up! No more age inappropriate and unflattering clothes that make her appear cheap or like she is trying too hard to stay forever young. The makeup also gets a wealthy upgrade.LFPC 203, "Using a Dress to Sweep the Floor." We noticed how super wealthy Nigeria's emerging designer Lanre Da Silva is. She is so wealthy she uses clothes, her clothes for that matter, to sweep the floor. Da Silva, "don't worry, be HAPPY." Celebrate your feminine curves under all that fabric and do not, we repeat, DO NOT use your dress to sweep the floor. Okay on the runway or red carpet we will let you be, but not on this floor!TINAPA RUNWAY NONSENSE AND INGREDIENTS!
LFPC 204, "Hating on Women."
What clown of a designer put this on this beautiful model?
LFPC 204, "Hating on Women." The top, maybe? But the skirt, NO! The fabric selection, ewwww. The ruching, especially on the hip area, if you are slender, you look fat. If you are plumper you look fat. Either way, not "werking." LFPC 207 "Running out of fabric": If a gorgeous model like Doyin Haastrup can't pull this off, then it's a clear indication of oshi. Designer, if you run out of fabric, borrow from Lanre Da Silva. Don't put it on the runway!
LFPC 204 more "Hating on Women": Wow! We were so feeling the hat, the earrings, the necklace and then we saw the pinafore meets caftan type top that was so hating on all body shapes out there and it just dragged us down. Like waaaaaaaaay down. Is this meant to flatter our cleavage/waist/hips. Like Destiny's Child, we will be saying, "no, no, no, no, no!"

Plain nonsense and ingredients.

We take the 5th on this one. No comment.

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Emilia Asim - Ita said...

This reminds me of Fashion Crime!

Well done. Try getting your blog listed on Naija blog and others so that more people can get to read. Its refreshing to have something like this!!!

SET said...


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