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Friday, April 27, 2007

Ladybrille Fashion Music Fridays, 4/17/07

I am so feeling a throwback to one of my favorite reggae artist Buju Banton.Once you are done with Buju Banton's "I Wanna Rule my Destiny," transition to South Africa's Mafikizolo as they sing Ndihambanawe. Nigeria's Styl Plus in "Olufunmi" takes it a notch down with their plea for love. I think Styl Plus could really step up their fashion game with more infusions of the sokoto [pants] and buba[top]. Some in Nigeria liken them to Boyz II Men. You be the Judge. Ethiopia's Teddy Afro's Eskemeche touches a cord with his powerful voice as he sings about the pain of a cheating significant other. In the Non-African category Arabic pop star Mohammed Hamaky follows the energy of Styl Plus and Teddy Afro in "Betedhak" where he sings of being broken into pieces by the woman he once loved. Sounds sad. Well keep it light and enjoy the video quality and songs! Have a great weekend!

Buju Banton, "I Wanna Rule my Destiny"

South Africa's Mafikizolo-ndihambanawe

Nigeria's Stylplus "Olufunmi"- I was on campus recently when I heard someone jamming to this track, acapella. I turned around expecting to find a Nigerian but lo and behold it was an American caucasian hybrid dancing in the middle of campus at the popular hangout spot and he was singing the Yoruba part. I thought, "'Wow! Africa is in such hot demand." I talked with him and his Nigerian friend had taught him the song and it stuck. That's so cool!

Ethiopia's Teddy Afro "Eskemeche"

Non-African - Mohamed Hamaky, "Betedhak"


Toni Payne said...

welcome to blogville :)

Adaure Achumba said...

ME LIKETH!!!! Been a while since I stopped by and I love the new spiffed up blog. The webbie is nice too.

Bella Naija said...

I love your blog!
Oh wow!
Absolutely everything is fabulous!
Anyways, I will be back later

BlogVille Idol said...

hey pple our contestants have sang their r n b song pls go and vote for ur favorite...pls help us make this contest succesful by voting..and pls drop us a comment tanx

Anonymous said...

welocme to blogville ladybrille! we go way back girl! san jose;) hey add my blog to your blogroll:)! much love!

Anonymous said...

@Toni Payne - iwo ni o! Thanks 4 stopping by!
@Adaure- Thanks. Just launched so never been on the net b/4. Enjoy your blog. Your election coverage was cool!
@Bella Naija- What I told Toni translated into Pidgin English, "Na u o!"
@Blogville idols- Sounds interesting. Thanks 4 stopping by.
@ Naija gal-What's with the suspense. Who you be? :)

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