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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Ladybrille African Fashion News #3

So much happening this week in the Textile/Retail front. I am particularly thrilled to hear that a group of bipartisan US senators have introduced legislation banning imports made in sweatshop factories and giving the power to injured competitors to sue. I can almost hear the initial breath of relief from the North America and Africa's Fashion Industries. The challenges that have plagued the textile industries in these countries in staying competive with their Chinese counterparts, who are able to sell huge orders of merchandise produced in sweatshop factories, are astounding. For example, within Africa, there have been loss of millions of jobs, closing of textile mills, among many problems, as these competing countries within Africa simply cannot meet the manufacturing and production of fabrics/textiles for the US/European market. Last statistical reading I heard estimated that 70% of Chinese goods were in Africa. A large part of that includes apparrel. We'll have to wait and see the progression of the bill and whether it is signed into law.
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