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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

79th Annual Academy Awards

There has been slews of awards and of course the endless fashion that goes with it. I highlight examples of personalities I believe can be instrumental in helping to take the Africa Fashion Industry to the next level. I can't emphasize and over-emphasize the importance of having Black Hollywood be a part of the movement that will propel Africa's Fashion Industry into the lime light. Here's Ladybrille's take on the 79th Annual Academy Awards.

DJIMON HOUNSOU: This Cotonou, Benin born but now naturalised American citizen is on a high right now. He has transitioned from fashion model to Hollywood Actor. His recent movie, "Blood Diamonds" really pushed him to the lime light and has the Calvin Klein fashion brand tapping him for its underwear campaign. Persons like this who understand fashion should be one of the many personalities that African Fashion Designers and the industry taps to wear quality and modern African fashions on Hollywood's red carpet events. FORES WHITTAKER: Whittaker has accomplished so much in his acting career and his recently completed film, "THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND" where he is the lead role and portrays the dreaded Liberian Ex-President Indi Armin showcases his immense talent. Again, Black Hollywood like Whittaker is very crucial to the Africa's Fashion Industry. Africa's Entertainment industry as a whole should liason with Black Hollywood to promote its fashion/films and music. CAMERON DIAZ: I love Cameron's Diaz carefree and seemingly relaxed personality. I presume a relaxed personality means she would be open to wearing Africa's fashions on the red carpet as well as considering liasoning with Africa's movie industry. You never know till you ask. Ask and if the person says, "no," say "okay"and move on to the next person. She looks classy and sexy with her off the shoulder silk organza dress. JENNIFER HUDSON: I hope J. Hudd does not burnout. She is everywhere! She is on a high and resonates with lots of women, particularly because of her acting and also her size. I prefer her in her subsequent form fitting V neck sequined gown. But, I do like the chocolate color of her dress and her bolero jacket although her brown dress could probably stand to loose the ruching in the front. Plus, putting her hand in her pockets makes it appears like she needs to use the bathroom. BEYONCE KNOWLES: B is just beautiful. She has shown a lot of flexibility in her fashion styles on various red carpets. I like that when she visited Nigeria last year, she allowed herself to be clothed in the traditional wear. I think B could be quite instrumental with being one of the ambassadors of African style on the red carpet. For the Academy Awards, I do like the fluidity of her dress. The color choice is consistent with the color palette we saw on the runways for Fall 2007. I don't care for the height of the slit. Also, something about the dress doesn't seem quite right. It lacks the elegance that could be portrayed for a high profile event like this. ANIKA ROSE: The "Dreamgirls" co-star is enjoying herself right now. Good for her. But this number she wore, what was she thinking? Totally off and unflattering to her body and makes it look like she has sagging boobs.Photo credits: A.M.P.A.S [Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences]


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