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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I love Africa, "We are the World"

Happy Valentine's. I hope it's an absolute love filled day for you. Since we are in a love fest, I could not help but think how trendy Africa has been these few years. From Bono [ who has been at it for aeons] to Madonna to "Designers for Darfur," everyone wants to make a change in Africa. It is still along the lines of AIDS, War and Poverty. But, there is no denying the love fest with Africa right about now. Africa's Fashion Industry should probably tap into this love fest before it dies. Remember the USA Africa Campaign with the classic "We Are the World"?If you forgot, check out the throwback video and then check out some Hollywood celebs and their connection or creation of an Africa trend.


DESIGNERS FOR DAFUR: Hollywood celebs like George Clooney and fashion designers like Heatherette, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and more joined hands in raising monies, through fashion, for Darfur.

I AM AFRICAN CAMPAIGN: Iman and her husband, David Bowie, is instrumental in pushing this campaign to raise money for awareness about treatment for AIDS in Africa.
BLOOD DIAMONDS-- Movie creating awareness of conflict diamonds in places like Sieria Leone. Lead Actor Djimon Hounsou at a United Nations conference regarding diamonds.
ANGELINA JOLIE: Jolie has been at the forefront of helping Africa; long before most of Hollywood and even African celebrities thought it was cool to do so.
BEYONCE KNOWLES: dazzled Nigerians worldwide. on October 1st, 2006 with her appearance in Nigeria performing the Country's National Anthem. She is also involved in charity causes benefiting Africa including Russell Simmons' Green Project.
MADONNA: Although her motive has been highly questionable by the public, she put Africa on everyone's lips with her recent adoption of an African boy.
OPRAH: "Mama Oprah" as she is fondly called by South Africa's youths put Africa on the map in a very stylish way. Her new school in South Africa for girls is absolutely brilliant and is the envy of Africans and non-Africans alike.
JAY-Z : His trip to Tanzania for a charity cause garnered so much attention. It was even aired on MTV. Supposedly, his campaign has now gone Kaput. But who knows with these rumors. The point is, he also got bitten with what I call the "I love Africa" bug.


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